Base your response to each question on the next webcast you will be presenting.
  1. Read each question and select the most appropriate response.
  2. The diagnostic will auto-calculate your total score.
  3. Click the “View Results” button for feedback and interpretation.

      Questions 0 1 2 3 4
  1. Presenter experience with the tool?   Guru     Experienced     Some Experience     No Experience     Tech challenged  
  2. Pre-meeting agenda distributed?     Yes       No    
  3. Meeting size?     2-5     6-25     26-100     100+  
  4. Audience alignment with presenter(s)?   Fan Club     Supporters     Neutral     Mixed     Hostile  
  5. Planned level of involvement/interaction of participants?        High     Medium     Low     None  

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   Your score is 2

  0-4 Negligible risk    If your next event lands in this category you should feel confident and prepared. It is likely that you’ve done many successful webcasts with this audience or similar ones. You are doing the right things. Keep up the excellent work—you’re “good to go”.
  5-9 Limited risk    Your event may have some areas of risk that need attention--especially if you scored 3-4 on a given response. You would benefit from an idea-exchange with presentation experts, or might need to review established “best practices” regarding the question
  10-14 Moderate risk    This event is in jeopardy. You should give serious consideration to each 3-4 response. You may mitigate risk with additional practice and dry runs. Perhaps your group size can be reduced, or you can enhance alignment with sponsors and internal coaches. Low involvement is a sure ticket for disaster—you may need to beef-up Q&A, polling and interactive activities.
  15-19 Significant risk    You should postpone this event—maybe cancel it. Your score indicates a high probability that your audience will tune you out. As a result, you may experience a loss of professional credibility, confidence and a lack of commitment from participants for action items, recommendations and recurring web events.


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